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This is the home site for PyORQ.

PyORQ (Python Object Relational binding with Queries) implements persistence for Python objects using a relational database (RDBMS, e.g. PostgreSQL, MySQL) for storage. PyORQ uses native Python expressions to describe queries that can be executed by the SQL backend. On this site you will find:

Introduction This brief introduction to PyORQ describes the key ideas behind its development and gives an overview of its history. I also tell something about myself
Features/TODO This is a new project. A lot has been accomplished, but even more remains to be done.
Tutorial The tutorial gets you started with PyORQ. It covers download and installation, building persistent objects, and writing queries.
Documentation The manual for PyORQ is available in several formats and can also be accessed on-line.
Implementation The implementation of PyORQ relies heavily on new features in Python 2.2/2.3. Here you can find out how PyORQ does what it does.
Download PyORQ can be downloaded directly from the sourceforge download page


June 15, 2004 Release of Version 0.1 of PyORQ.
This is basically a technology demo. The purpose of this release is to solicit feedback on the design and implementation of 'queries as Python expressions'.


The ideas behind PyORQ were first developed when I worked for the astro-wise consortium. I'm particularly indebted to Danny Boxhoorn for valuable suggestions. Danny also implemented the Oracle backend for that project.

The interface to the PostgreSQL database uses the pyPgSQL package by Billy G. Allie.

The interface to the MySQL database uses the MySQL-Python package by Andy Dustman.

The interface to the SQLite database uses the PySQLite package by Michael Owens and Gerhard Haring